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Introducing TPay, the global payment revolution. One card, one app, and instant access. Seamlessly spend your cryptocurrency at any Mastercard terminal, access cross-border finance, and provide robust e-commerce solutions to merchants worldwide.


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User Solutions

All your financial needs, all in one place 💼

All your financial needs,
all in one place 💼

Global Spending


Spend your cryptocurrency securely at any Mastercard terminal, even for ATM withdrawals.

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Telegram Access

Intuitive UI/UX for 800M+ Telegram users.

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Earn &

Earn & Grow

Send, receive, earn interest, access loans, and exchange - all within the power of your hand.

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Earn rewards with every transaction and await exciting membership tiers.

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merchant solutions

E-commerce redefined for the Telegram era 🛒

E-commerce redefined for the
Telegram era 🛒

Seamless Integration

Create a storefront on Telegram, sync products, and access real-time analytics.

Customizable Storefront

Personalize your online space with images, prices, and branding.

AI-Powered Support

Our AI, trained on your data, provides enhanced customer support.

Instant Checkout & Settlement

With the best rates and fees in the industry, enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology.

TPay Advantage

The future of payments is here 🚀

The future of payments
is here 🚀


In 2022, blockchain settlement volume overtook giants like Visa and Mastercard.


Licensing advantages and collaborations with key blockchain projects.


Our infrastructure aligns with blockchain’s ethos of financial sovereignty.

Digital credit score system

Spend, earn rewards, and build up your digital credit score to unlock more benefits within the TPay ecosystem.

Spend, earn rewards, and
build up your digital credit
score to unlock more
benefits within the TPay
  • Standard fees
  • Standard rewards
  • Standard transaction limits
  • Standard withdrawal limits
  • Lower fees
  • Increased rewards
  • Increased transaction limits
  • Increased withdrawal limits
  • Lower fees
  • Maximum rewards
  • No transaction limit
  • No withdrawal limit
  • Metal World Elite MasterCard


Frequently Asked Questions❓

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What is TPay?

TPay is a comprehensive and convenient digital payment solution that bridges the gap between traditional financial infrastructures (Web2) and the blockchain world (Web3). It provides a platform for users and merchants to interact, transact, grow, and benefit from the evolving digital financial ecosystem.


How does TPay differ from its competitors?

TPay offers a product that provides users with superior financial privacy and asset protection without compromising on accessibly. Furthermore, TPay will be integrating DeFi in order to give users access to a credit limit for further liquidity when required.


How do I sign up for the exclusive TPay beta-test?

Simply click on the "Sign-Up" button on our website to create an account. For our initial phase you will require an invite code.


How does the TPay Merchant Solution work?

Merchants can seamlessly integrate their product listings on Telegram, customize their storefronts, and benefit from real-time analytics. With our AI assistant, merchants receive enhanced customer support, actionable insights, and tools for growth.


Can I use TPay internationally?

Yes! TPay is designed for global accessibility, allowing users to securely spend their cryptocurrency at any Mastercard terminal worldwide, including ATM withdrawals.


What is the relationship between TPay and Telegram?

TPay offers a web-app experience tailored for Telegram's vast user base. With TPay, over 800 million Telegram users can effortlessly access our financial solutions, all within the Telegram app.

How does TPay ensure transaction security?

TPay prioritizes the security of its users. All transactions are encrypted and processed through a secure and fully compliant framework, ensuring both privacy and reliability.


What strategic partnerships does TPay have?

TPay collaborates with industry leaders like Payment Asia, Supercharge Lab, Mimo Capital, and more, to broaden its capabilities and outreach.


How can I reach TPay's customer support?

You can contact us through our Telegram Support Bot or via email at support@tpay.world


When will TPay launch?

TPay will be officially launching in January or February of 2024.

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